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Central Market Pavilion Renovated in Bryansk
25.06.2011  AORR

A renovated pavillion called "World Of Groceries" has been opened at the central market in Bryansk, TV "Channel 60" reports. Works to repair the pavillion started in the beginning of this year. Customers were welcomed to the newly refurbished shopping space on June 21.

The building was erected in the sixties and needed a complete refit. Besides, the rate of wear of the outdated shop equipment reached its threshold. Measuring instruments, refrigerators and stalls had to be reinstalled. Finally, the state of the art pavillion opened its doors to visitors in all its splendor.

The "World Of Groceries" offers its clients a wide assortment of meat and diary products, fresh-frozen fish and, of cource, caviar. The central market is opened daily except Mondays.


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